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  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned one or more college degrees
  • Endorsed by co-workers or clients
  • Spoken in front of an audience about an area of expertise
  • Has had direct reports in an organization


Naomi Clark-Turner
"Most of us know what we want, we just need help getting there" - Naomi Clark-Turner
Why choose me as your coach?

As a Coach, I partner with clients to understand their needs and help with career challenges and personal development.

I help those who are “stuck” in their careers; to shine a light on what they want and work with them to get there.

So many people feel disappointment and frustration at not being allocated challenging projects or passed over for promotional roles yet have no clear action plan on how to change the paradigm.

Managers are often not well-equipped to help coach them or may not have easy access to the right tools or programs that create insights for their employees to use in planning their careers.

I can help!

I have over 30 years of real-world experience, gained from many years in senior roles in the healthcare industry. As a natural extension, I became a Certified Coach, in order to focus on my passion for helping others be successful in their life and work.

I provide coaching for both individuals and groups and currently have a few openings for new clients.

Please contact me for more information.


  1. -
    Independent Business Owner, Naomi Clark-Turner Consulting LLC

    Talent Development skills include:
     Coaching & Mentoring
     Learning Strategies
     Speaking Engagements

    Leadership experience at JOHNSON & JOHNSON in coaching, mentoring & talent development

    o Janssen R&D Area Chair for the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) for Pharm North America chapter
    o Delivery of Unleashing Women talent development program (partnered with DillonMarcus)
    o Lead for Immunology Therapeutic Area Talent Sourcing work-stream

    • “Real Solutions to Gender Imbalance: Candid Conversations on Recalibrating the Scales”, HBA Event sponsored by KPMG, 15th March 2018, Philadelphia, PA (panel member)

    • “Learn How to Thrive and Discover Your Career Path in a Rapidly Changing Industry” HBA Event for Central New Jersey chapter and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Network of Women (B-NOW) People & Business Resource Group, 19th July, 2017, Princeton, NJ. (panel member)

    • “From the Executive Suite: Courageous Leadership in Challenging Times:”, HBA Event at Shire Pharmaceuticals, 26th September 2013, Chesterbrook, PA (panel member)

  2. Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

    Currently training to be a Certified Master Coach (CMC) and now a member of the ICF

  3. Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

    Certification obtained from the Center for Coaching Certification

  4. Various Senior Exec roles in industry, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, AstraZeneca
  5. Various Senior Exec roles in industry, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, AstraZeneca


  • coaching & mentoring
  • training & learning
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Questions & Answers

Why did you choose coaching as your new career?
I spent my early career being mentored, sponsored and coached myself and, having experienced the value, in the latter part of my career I turned this around so that I became a mentor, coach and sponsor for others. 

Since I retired from Johnson & Johnson, this is an opportunity for me to really double down on what I love to do - helping other people through coaching.
Describe your greatest accomplishment.
I am lucky enough to have worked on multiple projects - a number of which have made me feel proud of what I achieved. 

For a number of years I held a leadership position within the J&J Women's Leadership group, where I had the privilege of filling the role of Pharm R&D Area Chair for our North America sites. 

As part of those efforts we were able to build a large network of passionate, engaged women who supported one another. 

I was fortunate to partner closely with a wonderful vendor to launch an internal program called "Unleashing Women".  A number of the participants who went through it described it as being one of the most impactful programs they had attended and many went on to make significant and positive changes to their lives.
What tools do you use?
As a coach, I am a trained professional and adhere to the Code of Ethics laid out by the International Coaching Federation.

I also have access to various assessment tools to help my clients in better understanding their strengths and what makes them unique.
What are you working on?
I am expanding my role in group coaching.

My goal is to eventually dedicate a portion of my time to pro-bono coaching and mentoring, since many people that don't have access to coaching through their organizations deserve to have a chance to experience the benefits usually reserved for company high-fliers.


Pamper your inner self with a coaching session!

Pamper your inner self with a coaching session!
By Naomi Clark-Turner

Most of us understand the importance of regular physical check-ups and the health benefits: the annual wellness-visit to our doctors and the essential dental hygienist appointments. Plus, later in life, the prescribed mammogram, prostate check, and colonoscopy.

There are other routine physical services most of us choose to build into our schedules, to keep ourselves looking and feeling good: haircuts, exercise classes,...


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